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WeedSafe’s consulting services set the standard in occupational safety, environmental compliance & food safety solutions. Exclusively servicing the cannabis processing and manufacturing industry, we are here to improve safety and reduce liability for your business.


Evaluations and Assessments

Detailed assessments of your facility to identify risk and liability points

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Safety and Compliance Plans

Comprehensive health and safety plans written by experienced professionals 

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Staff engagement, training, and hazard monitoring to ensure your business’s success

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About WeedSafe

Based in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas, WeedSafe was founded as California legalized recreational cannabis. Our experts have a combined 60+ years in our respective industries and are ready to apply our expertise to the needs of your business. We will be your partner in navigating California Department of Public Health’s manufacturing and safety regulations.

Cannabis Manufacturing and Processing  

Whether it’s extraction, production, or other types of processing, handling cannabis carries certain hazards and risks. Flammable gases, chemical exposures, or other physical hazards can compromise worker safety. Our subject matter experts are experienced to identify potential risks, develop tailored safety plans, and implement safety practices to ensure your business and employees are protected in line with the most current OSHA requirements.

As many states move to enact stringent laws to protect their natural resources, WeedSafe can also help you identify environmental compliance risks in terms of air, water, soil, and hazardous material management liabilities. Our experts can also guide you through food safety and labeling laws for edibles production operations. Contact us today and let us help you navigate the evolving regulatory requirements in this fast-growing industry.

Let's start collaborating. 

We're here to support a safe and compliant environment for cannabis processing and manufacturing and would love to talk to you about our services.

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